The solution to find all the information of any rural property.

Website / Service
It is always a challenge for many professionals to find a rural property with all the information, as this information is divided into several government portals. Vigente gathered this information in a single portal so that the user could access and consult rural property information.


The main points made by users were the confusing and complex interface, slowness and crashing and technical limitations.


We've simplified the service by putting search as the main tool, other tools such as saving and documents are also grouped in the side menu. After the user search, he activates other tools, such as layers, territory information and tools to move the map.


O website foi criado com o principal objetivo de converter visitantes em clientes. Utilizei o laranja da marca para reforçar o branding em todo o website, usei imagens de pessoas para que o visitante se identifique.


Filters are the main tools for professional, they use during all day, I created a color pattern to differentiate each layer.


Many professionals use the platform as a work tool, so the saving tool helps this user to keep the rural properties he is working on.
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